Thank you...

There is no other way to start this note but to simply say thank you to all of you that have supported us and our music. You have funded our record, bought our shirts and CD’s, come out to the shows, and filled our hearts.  
The support we have received from you all has enabled us to do something we only dreamed would be possible - to write, record, and mix an album that we believe is the most honest and true representation of who we are and what we love. We've gotten a lot of great advice from 'experienced' artists, producers, and our management team that we have lived by throughout this process, and that was to “put 100% into the music” and create something each member of the band is extremely proud of and excited to share... because it is very rare to get this opportunity.”
I know it's been a while since BON has really communicated, but to be blunt we wanted to bury ourselves in this. We were fortunate enough to get our heads out of our asses from time to time to get to visit with you and play live - Special thanks to The Edge, 94.9 the Rock, 97.7 HTZ, Dine Alone Records, I Mother Earth, Finger Eleven, Wintersleep (and so many more) for that!
Each of those gigs energized us and reminded us just how fortunate we really are, and then for the most part it was back to write... record... repeat.
I wish that right now I could give you all a date when we can share the record with you but we feel we have to give each step of the journey all the attention it deserves, and it's difficult to target an exact date right now. We have a really great team building around us that wants to get it right as well, and we're discussing the approach and what WE want, with patience and care. This really is the most excited we have ever been as a band and sometimes being patient sucks, but we need to see this through in the best way to accomplish what we set out to do. 
It really is all because of the support we have received along the way from you guys that we are able to be here, working with a team that actually gives two shits. Your support has been a huge part of the inspiration behind this record. I am sure we will ask for more support along the way, with our “Please come to our show", “Please check out the music”, “Please share”, and “Please give Joe a backrub” messages... but hey, it’s all part of the gig. 

But before any of that happens Pete, Joe, Tom and I want to say a very sincere THANK YOU.
A full frontal with almost awkwardly intense eye contact, THANK YOU.
- James